Digital Currency Innovation Lab

Purchase Digital and Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrencies and digital coins can be purchased from any of the following Companies

  1. Apex Crypto
  2. Bitflyer USA
  3. Blockfi
  5. Cloud Nalu
  6. Coinme
  7. Erisx
  8. Flexa
  9. Robinhood Crypto
  10. Gemini Exchange
  11. Novi Financial
  12. River Financial

Purchasing FAQ

What types of payment do they accept?
Credit cards including MasterCard, Visa or American Express.
What kinds of crypto can I buy?
Each company is different but most offer the common bitcoin, ethereum, and EOS.
Can I purchase from this site or any local company in Hawaii?
Not yet. We are working to provide a local service and donations will help us get off the ground.